Over some sort of nature/'inspirational' music reminiscent of the awful Millennium Dome advert...

Imagine the last 1,000 years took place in just one day.
The Crusaders massacred Muslims, just before breakfast.
The Inquisition dismembered and barbecued hordes... around lunchtime.
Guy Fawkes invented terrorism in the mid-afternoon, and Mister Hitler invented concentration camps, just in time for Newsnight.
The Manhattan Project, and later, Chernobyl showed us the power of the atom.
Crick and Watson unlocked the secret of DNA at ten to eleven, allowing us to manipulate our own genetic makeup.
And in the few minutes before bedtime we have destroyed our environment and live in a world of inequality and chaos.
[sinister] Imagine, what we can do tomorrow.
The Millennium Experience... perhaps Nostradamus was right.