> For instance, <A href=foo.htm" target="new"> would open the link in
> a new window.

A lot of sites do exactly this, but the target should be '_blank'.
A named window like 'new' can be opened and browsed around in, then
if another link is opened from the original window the link goes in
the 'new' window - most confusing when browsing with multiple

Even '_blank' is annoying enough. If I want a new window, I'll shift-
click, thanks very much.

> "Target" is not a valid attribute in HTML 4 Strict, so what is the
> replacement method?

Not using targeting. :-)

You could replicate it with script. This needn't mean nasty
onmouseover code all over the place, for example -


  <a href="foo.html" class="popup">foo</a>


  function popup() {
    window.open(this.href, '_blank', '...options...');
    return false;

  for (i= document.links.length; i-->0;)
    if (document.links[i].className=='popup')
      document.links[i].onclick= popup;