Personal details

Name Andrew James Clover
Date of birth 22nd July 1976
Nationality British
Sex Male
Marital status Single



Holmer Green Middle School
(Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire, England)


Dr. Challoner's Grammar School
(Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England)

A-level: Mathematics, Physics, German (grade: A).

AS-level: Electronics (grade: A).

AO-level: Additional Mathematics, Business French (grade: B).

GCSE: Mathematics, Electronics, Physics, English, French, German (grade: A). Chemistry, Biology, Art and Design, English Literature (grade: B).


University of Warwick
(Coventry, England)

Course: Computer Systems Engineering. (Left for personal reasons.)



Together with schoolfriends, set up a company selling software for RISC OS systems, including games-cheating software and an Internet suite. (Amateur, but pleasantly profitable.)


Assorted part-time employment in and around the University of Warwick. Web work for the Department of Law, Committee of University Chairmen and Higher Education Foundation Programme. Report editing for the National Committee on Creative and Cultural Education. Report into audio compression.

September 1999-February 2002 AG, Ingolstadt, Germany. (Originally 'Poly Consult GmbH'.) Originally employed as a technical assistent, job grew to encompass programming and all tasks related to web development. Left due to company insolvency.

February 2002-present

Freelance coding and web-related work on projects for companies such as TEAM EAA (UK) and EDAG (Germany).



Favoured languages Python, Java, C and ARM assembler. Also fluent in C++; have learned but am out of practice in Perl, PHP, Pascal, ML, SR, Modula-2, 6502 and Z80 assembler.


Familiar with installation and configuration of Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux (particularly SuSE, RedHat), Solaris, BSD and RISC OS operating systems, PostgreSQL, MySQL and to a lesser extent SQL Server databases, and IIS and Apache web servers.

Web development

Experience with design and implementation of secure web applications in CGI, JSP/Servlets and ASP, with database and XML back-ends. Thorough knowledge of HTML (2.0 through to XHTML 1.1), CSS and JavaScript/DOM, browser compatibility problems, and strategies fo accessibility, usability and internationalisation in site design.

(See Webliography for some examples. I am not purely a web-related programmer, but have specialised in it recently, mainly because it is interesting and most people seem so bad at it.)


Typography, graphic and user interface design; radio presentation and production (the show Losertown having won Best Show on Radio Warwick 1999); writing (previous software reviews published in RISC User, Archive and Eureka magazines) and interactive fiction; skiing.