Choose your own misadventure

Join us now in a fantasy land of mystery and danger, excitement and other stuff in the mysterious and enigmatic competition that is... The Big Orb. You can win pennies (one for each gold piece collected), CDs (one for each Orb), and if you manage to complete it you'll get twenty quid, or more if I'm in a good mood. All you have to do is decide what to do at each step on your quest to retrieve The Big Orb (which is quite big actually).

  • sample Shouting match with ‘Ewan’
  • sample His hands dilemma
  • sample Another adventurer takes the challenge
  • sample Juliette's saga... so close [long]

Sadly no-one ever quite won the grand prize jackpot.

The Big Orb on-line!

You, yes you, can now play along on the web. Though obviously you won't be winning any money or owt. Sorry. Don the helmet of adventure and begin your quest!

The Big Orb was written with the assistance of Matt Browne, who is also the Voice of Harold. That's him there on the right. He really sounds like that. Honest.

(I suspect many people were quite confused after The Big Orb online was a Yahoo! pick of the week for 23rd July 1999.)