Losertown is the radio show produced by myself, And Clover, when there is no-one around to stop me. Losertown plays the best in unpopular pop music from around the world, and the worst in silly annoying songs, along with other random sketches and incomprehensible competitions.

The original series of Losertown ran over 1998 to 1999 on student radio station RaW whilst I was supposed to be studying boring things to do with computers. (One variant of its big-money adventure quiz The Big Orb can also be played online.)

The show was resurrected in 2001 for a few reunion shows on RaW's ‘RaW Hacks’ strand whilst I was visiting the UK.

The current 2005-2012 run of Losertown plays out Sundays at 20:00 BST on internet radio station UKNR.

Listen live

UKNR is a SHOUTcast-powered broadcaster. For media players that support playlists (eg. Winamp), download the .pls file.

Otherwise, copy-and-paste the direct MP3 stream link http://uknr.dyndns.org:8000/ into the ‘Open URL’ or ‘Open file’ function of your player.