The domts package

domts is a package and script to run the standard W3C DOM Test Suite against various Python DOM implementations. domts requires Python 2.0 or later.

It was written for pxdom, but can also be used to test the standard library’s minidom and PyXML’s 4DOM, as well as — slightly unfairly since they do not claim to be full DOM implementations — the 4Suite Domlettes and Twisted’s microdom.

To get domts running you will also need to grab a snapshot of the DOM-Test-Suite project from the W3C public CVS server and make a few additions as detailed in the domts readme file.

domts is not an official W3C release and is beta-quality; it should not be relied upon as 100% accurate, and will likely break if and when changes are made to the TSML used to describe tests.


Latest version (0.6): as zip archive, as tar.gz archive

Licence: I am releasing domts as public domain code.

All versions

0.6 2004-06-27 zip tar.gz
0.5 2004-05-22 zip tar.gz
0.4 2004-02-15 zip tar.gz
0.3 2004-02-06 zip tar.gz
0.2 2003-12-18 zip tar.gz
0.1 2003-12-16 zip tar.gz