• pxtl: implementations of the Python XML Templating Language
  • pxdom: stand-alone pure-Python DOM Core/XML/Load/Save implementation
  • domts: test suite for Python DOM implementations
  • form: extended replacement for the standard CGI module
  • beforesmtp: a trival POP/IMAP-before-SMTP daemon
  • slogan: an interactive HTTPD log analyser
  • zipstream: ZIP file I/O without loading the entire file into memory
  • gifWriter: a slow but optimal GIF saver
  • riscospath: RISC OS-style path manipulation

(Plus: pyicons: Win32 Python icons)


  • position: makes CSS edge-positioning work in IE
  • minmax: makes CSS min/max sizing work in IE/Win
  • fixed: makes CSS fixed positioning, backgrounds work in IE/Win
  • parasite: exploitationware detection



  • eurokb: Pan-European keyboard layout


Old ARM/RISC OS software, no longer maintained and generally not 32-bit compatible. Released with source (mostly requiring the BAX extended compiler) under a new-BSD licence (you can ignore anything about licensing, or old contact addresses, in the documentation).

  • BombScare: logic game
  • EliteExt: silly extensions to ArcElite
  • The Hacker: game-cheating app, including the GUI-based 3.10i release as well as the command-line-based 2.02. Not natively RISC OS 3.5+ compatible, but should run on Risc PCs with the ARM Club’s Game On! utility. Note: its successor Desktop Hacker is still available commercially, updated for RISC OS 4 compatibility, on the RISC User a Nutshell CD from R-Comp Interactive.
  • MZXiface: Multiface POKE utility for RISC OS Spectrum emulator MZX.
  • NewerLook: complete replacement desktop look and feel (including other components previously released separately).
  • PaletteDM: adds the missing desktop palette and gamma correction editing features to the Risc PC Display Manager utility.
  • ShiftKeys: desktop accessibility tool.
  • WimpSWIVe: programmers’ utility module. Version 0.05; Andrew Booker has since produced an updated version for RISC OS 4 and 5.