Losertown: the RaW years

Losertown was first broadcast on Radio Warwick (RaW) over 1998-1999, following the long-running Mr. Browne & Mr. Clover shows.

At best ramshackle, it had regular co-presenters (aka minions) helping with features such as horrible series Jizzy Jeff and the Fresh Pants, Pick of the Pops (on which many a random forgotten gem is discovered.... or not), the impossible competition The Big Orb, and the Tragically Unhip Record of the Week (where something from the unfashionable end of my record collection—usually Genesis—gets a spin to annoy everyone). Then we did random sketches, consumer tests and ranting. It filled the time I guess.

Losertown won an ‘FM-mie’ for best show on RaW's month as an FM RSL in 1999. But only because I slept with the Programme Controller, obv.


Here are some bits from the old show. They're fairly arbitrarily selected since we didn't record shows most of the time. You'll find more clips and scripts and bits in the categories on the left. Yes, there. Up a bit. Just by the... no, stay in the browser window... that's it, scroll it up a bit... just there! Yes! Well done! You get yoghurt!

  • sample Theme tune
  • sample Where I get my fantastic prizes
  • sample, sample Another failed Pick
  • sample Faking it
  • sample, sample, sample Painful memories
  • sample Fraudulent prizes
  • sample, sample, sample, sample Our chocolate egg consumer test
  • sample Who has Lindsey been snogging?
  • sample, sample, sample Desperate methods for desperate men
  • sample Some jingles, for some reason

Losertown was to return many years later...