Jizzy Jeff and the fresh pants

An obscene but ultimately nonsensical series.


First series

  1. script sample One in the eye for crime
  2. script sample Samantha Janus, drugs baron
  3. script sample Kids should drink more milk
  4. script sample Licence to spill
  5. script sample The future of the galaxy
  • script sample Advert

Second series

  1. script Hooray for quality clip shows
  2. script The millennium bug
  3. script Robots do not eat yoghurt
  4. script Jeff is the best one
  5. script Trouble at the event of the year
  6. script Jizzy Jeff in space
  7. script Checkmate
  8. script That's entertainment
  9. script The eternal struggle twixt good and evil (part 1)
  10. script The eternal struggle twixt good and evil (part 2)


And Clover as Jizzy Jeff
Cheryl Baker as Constable Jenny Breezeblock
Tony Kerrison as Announcer (episodes 1-5)
Jim Clover as Announcer (episodes 6-15)
Jack Seale as Bystander#1 (episodes 1-5)
Allen Cook as Bystander#2 (episodes 1-5)
Dan Page k as Bystander#3 (episode 5)
Stuart Presnell as Criminal#1 (episode 1)
Roger Cook as Criminal#2 (episode 1)
Chantal Baxter as Samantha Janus (episode 2)
Russell Trafford-Jones as Henchman (episode 3)
Paul Gillibrand as Billy Evil (episode 3)
James Donohue as Doctor Impolite (episode 4)
Geoff Sanders as Doctor Impolite (episode 11)
And Clover as Little Old Lady (episode 4)
Andy Flawn as Romanian (episode 5)
Stu Presnell as Boy (advert)
Divya Madhaven as Girl (advert)
Paul Hardman as Voiceover (advert)
Jim Clover as Contrived Villain (episode 6)
Barbara Sette as Astronaut (episode 11)
Daniel Wolter as Ninja (episode 11)