Mission statement

DOXdesk’s ‘parasite’ section is a repository of data concerning unsolicited commercial software, independent of any anti-parasite software vendor.

Its purpose is to help affected users understand what is happening with their computers and how to deal with it, to lecture the world in general on the risks associated with running software whose interests may differ from one’s own, and to provide a back-end database for the detector script developed at DOXdesk.


The information here is opinion reflecting my personal research; it does not claim to be complete, authoritative or endorsed by anyone other than myself. Whilst I strive for accuracy, it is certain the site will contain mistakes, as well as material that has become out-of-date.

If you represent a company whose software is listed here, and believe you have been treated unfairly, please do get in contact and I will be happy to correct any factual mistakes. I do not host these pages out of spite and am glad to be able to change a parasite listing to a ‘non-parasite’ status in cases of error or where practices have genuinely improved.

Being listed here as ‘unsolicited commercial software’, or ‘parasite’, has a specific meaning and is not a general accusation that the software is ‘spyware’. I am also happy to advise how on how the software might be improved so as not to meet these criteria for targeting.

Manual removal

Many of the database pages contain ‘manual removal’ instructions for use if the software cannot be uninstalled properly by other means.

Errors, new software variants and unforeseen circumstances may cause manual removal instructions listed here to become ineffective. No guarantee is offered that they will work, or even that they won’t somehow damage the system even if followed correctly. Use entirely at your own risk.

If you do not feel confident enough in your technical abilities to try the manual removal instructions, you could install an anti-parasite application, which might be able to do it automatically for you. If this doesn’t solve the problem you may be able to get help on one of the spyware removal discussion boards on the web, especially if you post a log file from HijackThis.

The parasite pages (comprising pages stored under URLs beginning with http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/) are original works ©2001-2005 Andrew Clover.

The parasite pages are available for public licensing under the terms of the Creative Commons licence BY-NC, which means you’re free to make copies and make changes to them as long as you retain proper attribution to DOXdesk, and don’t go using the pages as promotional material.

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