Other public researchers

  • Ben Edelman covers specific parasite-related issues in-depth, and is excellent at making spyware into news.
  • Webhelper specialises in investigating the activities of major parasite companies, in particular DirectRevenue (Transponder et al).
  • Eric Howes maintains a privacy and security roundup page, and evaluates anti-parasite applications at SpywareWarrior.
  • Steve Gibson at GRC and Bill Webb at CounterExploitation were amongst the first to publish research on specific parasites, and still provide information on some older software not covered by others.
  • Jim Eshelman at AumHa summarises the situtation and anti-spyware tools.
  • ASAP (Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals) includes many more security researchers.

News and discussion

  • Suzi’s oft-updated Spyware Warrior blog covers new analysis and breaking news.
  • Mike Healan’s SpywareInfo runs also runs an e-mail newsletter of spyware news.
  • Castle Cops covers security issues, in particular spyware.

Discussion forums

Help forums

Discussion sites where infected users may be able to get help with removing stubborn parasites that resist the usual anti-spyware programs.

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